Performance Arts

Los Angeles

From the Los Angeles Opera, the Dance Group at the Music Center, LA Philharmonic – our Foundation loves and supports the ARTS in Los Angeles!


Hancock Park Historical Society

As avid fans of beautiful architecture, our Foundation participates and supports the Windsor Square Hancock Park Historical Society for their meetings and events.

University Support

Barranquilla, Columbia & United States

Currently our Foundation provides support to the Universidad del Norte and the Autonoma Universidad in Barranquilla, Colombia. Our Foundation also provides support to the University of Michigan-Alumni and USC Friends of the Library. 

The Rafael and Luisa De Marchena-Huyke


Mission Statement
The Rafael and Luisa De Marchena-Huyke Foundation serves the greater good by supporting local arts and humanities in Los Angeles County and student scholarships thru several accredited Universities in Rafael’s hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia. Thru these unique opportunities to donate to worthy and philanthropic causes, the Foundation seeks to lift community involvement, enjoyment and awareness in cultural exchange and education.

Non-Profit Designation
THE RAFAEL and LUISA DE MARCHENA-HUYKE FOUNDATION is a designated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to have a charitable vehicle to receive the donor’s (the De Marchena-Huyke Family) assets and then make grants and/ or distributions to operating charities and institutions. The non-profit will have events, for e.g. at the donor’s residence, the fundraising efforts from which will be dedicated to the non-profit. In tum, these moneys will be distributed to other charities in the form of outright monetary donations, or grants, or scholarships. We further our purposes under this program by conducting the following activities:

The foundation’s current and planned activities revolve around the Los Angeles Opera, the YOLA and the LA Philharmonic, etc. (The Arts) located in Los Angeles. The Foundation wants to build awareness of the arts by supporting organizations and groups that expand the arts to all members of their community. Donations of funds raised will go to further the arts in the Los Angeles area as well as provide much needed scholarships and grants to the President’s hometown university located in Colombia. These 2 activities tie together the Founders’s love of the arts as well as the education of children in his home country.

The program is a private operation; it will focus on individuals and groups we already have a relationship with. New relationships will come by referral or word of mouth. 

Main Purpose & Vision
The main purpose and vision of the Foundation is two fold: the promotion of the arts in Los Angeles and educational scholarships to credited universities in Barranquilla, Colombia. For it is only through education that the arts may thrive and be adopted by the next generation.   

Board of Directors
Our Founder is Rafael De Marchena-Huyke. Our President and Secretary is Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Esq.